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Managed Security Remediation

Security at all cloud layers

Focus on the 1% of alerts that matter most

Built-in Compliance

Phased Approach


Security Analysis & Strategy Development

We'll commence with a comprehensive risk assessment, in partnership with Orca, to illuminate the security landscape of your organization. This phase is pivotal for us to collaboratively craft a security strategy that's not only customized to your specific needs but also crystal-clear in scope and execution.


Strategic Alignment & Enhanced Onboarding

Strategically align your business objectives with technology goals. This phase integrates an enhanced onboarding process, embedding security awareness deeply within your team’s culture, ensuring readiness for the next stages of security implementation.


Security Implementation & Evolution

Our team will then diligently develop security workflows within your environment, ensuring proactive guidance and adaptability to changing security needs. This phase is designed for continuous support and adaptation, aligning with your organization's evolving security posture.


Operational Readiness & Long-Term Support

In the final phase, we focus on achieving full operational security readiness, conducting thorough evaluations to ensure alignment with your expectations. Our commitment extends to providing long-term support and maintenance, ensuring the resilience and effectiveness of your security infrastructure.

Our Approach

  • Visibility in minutes, not months.
  • Intelligence-Driven, Threat-Resilient.
  • Compliance Integrated, Hassle Eliminated.

Code First

Scale securely with our Code First approach. Fix problems once, integrate seamlessly, and empower teams to focus on the future.

Built-in Compliance

Automate compliance checks and harden your infrastructure with CIS standards. Our services integrate seamlessly with cloud providers to map shared responsibilities and establish a solid foundation for compliance.

The 1%

Focus on what truly matters. Our approach helps you prioritize the critical 1% of security alerts that need immediate attention, ensuring efficient resource allocation and faster threat mitigation.


Our agentless architecture minimizes disruptions and reduces overhead. By analyzing network traffic and integrations, we can identify vulnerabilities and assess risks without deploying agents.

Our Stack

Your organization needs a trusted partner that can effectively safeguard your critical assets. At Arbure, we leverage technology to deliver world-class cybersecurity services.

Our holistic approach eliminates the need for separate tools, providing comprehensive coverage and enabling seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

Together, we can proactively address vulnerabilities, protect against attacks, and achieve a secure and resilient environment.

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Our differentiators

100% coverage

Settle for nothing less than total protection. Arbure delivers 100% coverage, ensuring no vulnerability goes unchecked.

Focus on the 1%

Amplify signal over noise. With Arbure, your team zeroes in on the critical 1% of alerts, prioritizing impactful responses over trivial pursuits.

Holistic approach

Move beyond siloed tools and fragmented data. Arbure unifies your cloud security, bringing clarity and cohesion to the forefront of your defenses.

Remediate as code

Integrating seamlessly into your CI/CD workflow, we enhance security efficiency, reduce redundancy, and enable innovation-driving focus for your team.

Shield Team
Shield Team Audit

Our Commitment

Stay ahead of the curve, outpace your competition.

Our Managed Security Remediation service is the perfect fit for both established and emerging security teams. We integrate with your team’s CICD pipelines, providing the tools and expertise necessary to enhance your security posture. Whether you’re building a security program from scratch or looking to fortify an existing one, we’re here to empower your business.

    We believe in the power of collaboration and informed decision-making. When a finding is identified, it’s not just about flagging an issue; it’s an opportunity for dialogue. We discuss potential remediation strategies, and address any concerns or challenges faced. Through this collaborative approach, we ensure that the remediation is not only effective but also aligns with the expertise and insights of your team.

      Security challenges are complex, but the solution doesn’t have to be. With Remediation as Code, we turn complex security tasks into scalable and repeatable code. Our solutions are integrated into CI/CD pipelines, ensuring real-time security compliance and automated remediation. Welcome to the new era of security management where code is your shield.