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Secure Architecture Risk Assessment

Our Secure Architecture Risk Assessment service provides a thorough evaluation of your workloads, ensuring alignment with industry best practices and shared responsibility models.


Comprehensive Security Review


Threat Modeling


Data Protection Strategy


DevOps Integration

Our Approach

  • Security clarity, business confidence
  • Contextual insights, tailored remediation
  • Benchmarking excellence, driving compliance

Single pane of glass

Our unified dashboard provides a real-time view of the assessment progress and findings, eliminating guesswork and fostering a shared understanding. With us, you're not just a client; you're a partner.

Context based remediation

We don't just identify vulnerabilities; we provide remediation strategies in your operational language.

Key performance indicators

Meaningful KPIs that track your security performance over time. These metrics enable you to measure progress, demonstrate the value of your security investments, and drive continuous improvement.

Industry baselines

Our assessment leverages industry-standard benchmarks and best practices. This ensures your security measures are not only robust but also aligned with recognized standards, enhancing your credibility and compliance.

Security first, vertical agnostic

Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Capital Allocator

Set the standard

Empower your enterprise with our Secure Architecture Risk Assessment service. Designed to help you achieve your organization's security initiatives, our service optimizes your security investments by providing a clear understanding of your security posture. With our world-class reporting and meaningful KPIs, you can communicate effectively with your superiors, presenting concise insights and demonstrating the value of your security strategy.

World Class Reporting

Unparalleled insights with clear, concise reports

Meaningful KPIs

Track progress with impactful, relevant metrics.

Less worried about demonstrating compliance, more focused on security

Our Secure Architecture Risk Assessment service is a game-changer for compliance. It enhances risk assessment accuracy by providing context-driven threat prioritization. By aligning with your DevOps teams, we foster seamless collaboration and mutual understanding. Plus, our emphasis on policy-as-code boosts your compliance team's efficiency and integrates smoothly into your workflows.

Compliance Assurance

Comprehensive assessments that ensure your organization meets all relevant compliance standards.


Leverage policy-as-code to streamline compliance processes and increase efficiency.

Make informed decisions and negotiate more favorable deal terms

When you leverage our services, you can gain a clear understanding of the security posture of your potential investment. Our services aim to reduce your risk, increase the value of your investments, and ensure the success of your M&A strategies.

Threat Modeling

Empowering Informed Investment Decisions

Post-Merger Integration

Guidance on integrating disparate security systems post-merger.

Secure today, scale tomorrow

Our Secure Architecture Risk Assessment service is a catalyst for startup success. Gain a complete view of your workloads, turn security from a hurdle into a growth enabler, and foster better relationships with your DevOps teams. With our service, security becomes a strategic advantage.

Startup-Specific Security

Security strategies that support and enable your startup's growth objectives.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Cost-effective security solutions that don't compromise on quality or effectiveness.

Our Methodology


Workload Decomposition & Assessment

We work closely with stakeholders and key principals to understand the specifics of your architecture and operations. KPIs are then defined and a balanced mix of programmatic and manual methods are employed to decompose the workload.


Threat Evaluation & Sequencing

By associating our findings with KPIs defined with stakeholders, our consultants ensure an evaluation process that aligns with your organizations strategic goals and operational realities.


Countermeasure Planning and Mitigation

We develop effective mitigation strategies and communicate them in your operational language. We use CIS benchmarks and vendor documentation for prescriptive and repeatable remediation.


Debrief, Strategize, Resolve

We present our findings in a detailed report, assist in determining your organization's response, and offer our Managed Security Remediation service if needed. We embody the principles of data-driven architectures and continuous improvement.